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Ninja Fast is a web development and marketing company founded in 2009 by Ted Houser, one of the original Appalachain Trail Ninjas.

In 2008, with 17 pounds of camping equipment and a pair of walking sticks, Ted hiked the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mt. Katahdin in Maine.

Known only by the trail name of Spider, Ted set pace with a group of hikers who were strong, fast and logistically precise. These were the original Trail Ninjas.

According to legend, the Trail Ninjas hiked to "serve and protect the trail." They shared resources and developed strategies that streamlined the 2,176 mile expedition.

They moved. Quickly.

With grins on their faces and laughter in their souls, the Trail Ninjas earned reputation for helping others to enjoy a trek that was physically demanding and mentally exhausting.

In the spirit of the Trail Ninjas, Ninja Fast continues to take on large projects with speed and efficiency. The reputation of Ninja Fast still follows the precise work of making the journey a rewarding experience for all.

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Ninja Fast delivers web strategy and development for a socially-networked economy.

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