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Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook provide unique opportunities to engage constituents with the core mission of a business or organization.

Social media is an online conversation about your brand. By joining that conversation, you can strengthen your brand and drive traffic to your traditional website.

Ninja Fast client Larry Zook, President and CEO of Landis Homes in Lancaster, PA, shares his perspective on the impact that social media is having on his organization:

Leaders who have a solid grasp of social media trends and terminology are better equipped to effectively position their organizations in a marketplace impacted by social media.

Ninja Fast provides leaders in Lancaster, PA with one on one social media coaching. By reviewing existing marketing initiatives in the context of social networking opportunities, Ninja Fast helps clients to identify new strategies that use social networking tools to promote their brand and strengthen relationships with customers.

Ninja Fast seminars and workshops help organizations train staff and volunteers on the responsible use of social media.

Ted Houser is a compelling speaker recognized for making complex web topics simple and easy to understand.

Ninja Fast has delivered multimedia presentations in business, nonprofit and educational environments. These fast-paced and entertaining conversations help to align staff and organizational understandings of social media technologies. Attendees receive an overview of social networking sites, terminology and trends and take away skills to evaluate the risks and opportunities that social media presents to individuals, businesses and organizations.

Private speaking engagements can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

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Ninja Fast can provide social media guidance to existing communications staff within an organization or setup and maintain social media accounts directly from the Ninja Fast office.

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Ninja Fast delivers web strategy and development for a socially-networked economy.

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