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Ninja Fast Consulting was born on a 2,176 mile walk in the woods and continues to follow a natural path towards sustainable outcomes.
Completing the Appalachian Trail in four months demonstrated that sustainable outcomes are discovered at the intersecting balance of community, stewardship and passion.
  Community values relationships between people.
Stewardship values responsible use of resources.
Passion values purpose in every footstep.
The Ninja Fast "Fast Filter" is a practice that evaluates actions based on how they impact each of these three value centers. The Fast Filter distills options and brings sustainable clarity to decisions on and off the trail.
  In daily decisions at Ninja Fast Consulting, the Fast Filter is a practical tool that excites vision while setting limits for overhead growth and standards for partnership.
Individuals, organizations and businesses who partner with Ninja Fast can expect a relationship founded on energetic collaboration and focused on discovery of lasting solutions that benefit the larger community.
Ninja Fast Consulting works with local and national clients from a 170 square foot office attached to an 850 square foot home in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania where walking to market and biking to meetings are almost as much fun as hiking from Georgia to Maine.
Ninja Fast is a supporting member of the Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network.

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